Cemetery & Civic War Memorials

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Cemetery & Civic War Memorial Information

Memorial Day Project 2012

A war memorial is a monument, statue or plaque to celebrate a war or victory commemorating those who died or were injured in war. The memorial serves as a meeting place for Memorial Day services. The war memorials are often found near the town center or contained in a park or plaza to allow easy public access.

Lowell Granite Company has been honored over the past couple of decades to design and more »» erect many of the beautiful Veterans Memorials throughout Western Michigan. Places such as the Grand Haven Coast Guard memorial, City of Lowell war memorial with a battlefield cross and obelisk, City of Ionia, Portland, Pewamo, Westphalia, Greenville, Woodland, Middleville and Grand Rapids are just a few communities that have commissioned Lowell Granite Company to design unique war memorials. 

The War memorial is a custom piece, typically a tall central memorial or monolith, with shorter memorials for each war. Wars such as WWI , WWII, Korean conflict, Vietnam conflict, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and the war in Afghanistan to name a few. Lowell Granite creates a plaque listing the names of those who died for our country. This can also be directly engraved onto the granite. On the central piece emblems can be engraved to identify the branches of service, such as Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and Merchant Marines.

Bronze sculptures such as eagles in flight, the battle field cross, full size statues of soldiers or waterfalls can be added to enhance and beautify the memorial.

We work with Local Veterans groups, landscapers, architectures to design custom, one-of-a–kind war memorials. Unique designs for the war memorial such as a small granite bevel marker near a flag pole or expansive center pieces in a community park are just a couple of examples.   «« less

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