Upright Granite Memorials / Cemetery Memorial Tombstones

Available from 24 to 60 Inches. Brochures are available on request.

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Cemetery Memorial Tombstone / Upright Granite Memorials Information

Upright Monuments are our most popular style of cemetery tombstone. Our proven ability to capture each family’s memories of their loved ones provides a true one-of-a-kind tombstone memorial. more »» Known for their tall, freestanding, and traditional design, upright granite headstones offer a proper tribute to the life and legacy of your loved one.

Upright tombstones are called a die or tablet style grave tombstones, and are usually set to stand upright on a granite base which is set on a cement foundation. Common types are serpentine top shape with sides either polished smooth or balance rock pitched (rough). They can vary greatly in shape and size. Single or “individual” uprights are generally taller than they are wider, while double or “companion” uprights tend to be wider than they are taller, allowing more space for the engraving of two names. Upright granite grave tombstones provide ample space for inscriptions, carvings, and other ornamentation. The back side is often engraved with the family name or mounting memorial plaques like bronze veteran markers.

The vertical tablet is tall, as the name implies, and can be set on a base or directly on the foundation, in which case it is called a “monolith”.

Added features may include side panels, called “wings” and sometimes urns or vases on one or both sides. Wing tombstones/monuments consist of two wings on a base, separated by a pedestal supporting a vase or sculpture. The base may be used to display the family name while the two wings display the individual names.

Traditional family plots often use the upright tombstones to display the family name prominently engraved on the stone and set in the center of the plot. Individual personalized bevel or grass markers identify the family members.

We offer a vast selection of colors, styles and sizes. We encourage each family to be a part of the experience that encompasses your total satisfaction from the initial design phase to when our caring installation team delivers your granite tombstone to the cemetery. Lowell Granite Company will work with you every step of the way to help ensure you preserve the story of the one you love.   «« less

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