Slant Cemetery Headstones & Memorial Headstones

Slant markers can be purchased with or without a granite base.
Slant markers are available from 20 to 60 inches wide. Brochures are available on request.

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Slant Cemetery Headstone Memorial Information

At Lowell Granite Company we offer slant grave headstones that are customized for each individual. We pledge to treat every customer with an unmatched level of compassion and understanding. We are committed to the highest standards of ethics, honesty and integrity.

Slant granite memorial headstones are Lowell Granite Company’s most popular style of marker. It is very popular because of the option to use just the slant itself or upgrading with a matching granite base. This provides additional protection, while retaining the viewing angle. Another advantage of selecting slant headstones is that weathering has a minimized effect because water and dirt do not easily settle on a slanted surface. If purchased with a base unit this sets the marker up above the ground. Slant headstones that set above the ground are much easier to locate in the cemetery because the words engraved on the front it can be seen from a distance due to the angle provided on the slant granite grave memorial, and because of its different shape. more »» 

Slant headstones are those where the front surface has a dramatic slant on the engraved face of the headstone creating a large area for personalization. A 2” flat area on the front of a slant is called “nosing”, and can be polished or natural rock-pitched (rough). A rough surface at the bottom insures that lawn maintenance equipment will not damage any of the polished areas of the slant headstone. These slant markers are like wedges on the ground. Slant grave headstones are usually 16 inches high. The back is vertical and can be polished to allow engraving family names, children’s names or an endearment - something that adds a meaningful remembrance to the grave headstone. Or the back can be left unpolished to allow space for mounting memorial plaques like bronze veteran markers.

A slant with no nosing is called a “full-face” slant. Full-faced slants allow more area for engraving and are placed on a granite base, while slants with nosing may be place directly onto a cement foundation.

The top of the slant headstone can be flat, oval or a serpentine shape. The sides and top can be rock-pitched (rough) or have a polished top and sides. There are many options of sizes, colors and polishes to choose from. Slant granite headstones are usually placed on a single or double/companion graves, usually single markers are 20” to 36” long while double markers are 24” to 60” long.

Accessories can be added such as porcelain photos, memory links, vases or flower urns.   «« less

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