Granite Memorial Benches and Cremation Benches

Memorial Benches are wonderully unique memorials. Please contact us for more information.

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Memorial Bench & Bench Monument Information


Memorial Benches provide sanctuary to people mourning or celebrating the memory of friends, family and loved ones. Timeless and enduring, granite memorial benches can last for cemeteries, and can enhance the appearance of any facility including churches, schools and universities, residences and places of business. Beauty, durability and function unite to honor those who are no longer with us, while offering a place of reflection for family and friends.

Remembering at Home

Granite Bench Monuments are a nice alternative to upright memorials. This unique option comes in a variety of shapes and colors and can be engraved with standard designs or customized to your preference.

Lowell Granite Benches may serve as a memorial for traditional burial or be specially designed to permanently and securely protect remains when used as a cremation memorial.   more »»

The legs or pedestals of the benches can be cored out to store the ashes of your loved one. We also offer private family columbarium benches which typically can hold two urns or more depending on sizes. Our standard benches are available in three or four foot lengths to be placed on single or double grave spaces.

Another option is the Monu-Bench, which incorporates the upright monument with the practicality of a bench.

Whatever your preference, a granite bench memorial will be a beautiful and timeless tribute for those you love.   «« less

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