Dedication and Civic Memorials and Plaques

We offer a large selection of dedication and memorial bronze plaques, please contact us for pricing.

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Civic and Dedication Memorial Plaques


Commemorative Plaques

Lowell Granite can provide beautiful, custom bronze plaques engraved with names, dates, photos and emblems to commemorate a single person or group of people. A dedication plaque can be used to memorialize a person who has given service to their community or to thank a person for his or her bequest to a hospital, library or township.

A cast bronze plaque can be attached to stones,
The Tree Swing
walls, stakes in the ground, boulders, benches, indoors or outdoors. Often seen on golf courses, park pathways, schools, hospitals, libraries, neighborhoods, also can be placed in a favorite hunting or fishing spot.

The plaques come in cast bronze or aluminum. We offer many sizes and shapes. The dedication plaques are mounted to whatever it is attached to by a seal or drilled directly onto the surface. more »» If the plaque is indoors it can be screwed directly onto walls.

Bronze Butterflies

There is a powerful symbolism associated with a butterfly. The butterfly is seen as a symbol of transformation, of resurrection and celebration. Many religions view the butterfly as a symbol of the soul, and other cultures see the butterfly as a sign of good luck, beauty and honor. With this new memorial option, we’re incorporating a beautiful and meaningful image with a final timeless tribute to a family’s loved one.

The perfect addition to our cremation memorial products, you can choose from five innovative designs to uniquely honor the memory of loved ones. The designs available are the Monarch, Swallowtail, Admiral, Beauty and Tiger butterfly. Each of these designs are approximately 5” to 6” in size. They come in a variety of colors as well as a matte or glossy finish with paint applied to both the front and back of the bronze.

With their small footprint, these butterflies are perfect for cremation and personal garden settings. Mounted on garden stakes, boulders, or a tribute on a donor wall, or as a remembrance token for a loved one to take home.    «« less

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