Bevel Cemetery Markers & Memorials

Available in sizes from 16 inches to 48 inches. Brochures available on request.

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Bevel Cemetery Markers & Memorial Markers

Bevel Markers are slanted with a 2” pitch so that the back of the granite cemetery marker is slightly higher than the front of the cemetery marker. Usually this has a polished face and rough rock pitched edges. Bevels are available in various styles, sizes and colors.  more »»

Bevel markers, otherwise known as Pillow markers or Hickeys, are the perfect choice for a family that would like something more substantial than a grass marker. It is a less expensive cemetery grave marker or headstone option as a single-used for one person or double, companion – used for two or three people.

Bevel Markers can be installed on a cement foundation or have a granite base to give the marker more height. This style of marker can also be designed to securely hold the cremated remains of your loved ones for all eternity.

Grass Markers are referred to as a footstone or a flush grave marker, which means they are set level with the grass and only the top is showing. Flat granite markers are 4” thick and are available in your choice of colors and sizes. View our Design_Book for ideas on design layouts.    «« less

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