Bronze Cemetery Memorials & Bronze Plaques

Bronze Memorials can be purchased with or without vase. Brochures are available on request.

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Bronze Cemetery Plaques, Grave Markers & Memorials Information

The rich beauty of bronze and the timeless durability of granite are qualities that resonate in each memorial. The bronze-on-granite memorials are a great choice for those who are buried in a cemetery or memorial park that require flush markers.  more »»

Lowell Granite Company offers a wide range of bronze plaque memorial sizes, shapes and finishes utilizing logos, artwork and pictures. Individual or companion bronze markers are available with or without flower vases. There is a wide variety of embellishments also available. Embellishments; such as flowers, animals, birds and photos. Also available are emblems such as civic, police, rotary and lion clubs. Many religious symbols like praying hands, bible verses and crosses are popular options to personalize the bronze memorial.

Bronze memorials can also be attached to traditional, above ground memorials like slants, bevels and upright monuments.

Lowell Granite Company can also provide the spouse of a deceased veteran a bronze marker to match their veteran’s plaque that is supplied by the government. See Veteran Memorials for more information about the free government plaques or niches supplied by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Bronze memorial plaques are also available from Lowell Granite Company, see Other Memorials. Often these bronze plaques are placed in schools, parks, government buildings, often attached to rocks or boulders. Honoring and/or memorializing police officers, fire fighters, etc.   «« less

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